Is CBD legal in Indiana

Is CBD legal in Indiana?

We want to know: Is CBD Legal in Indiana?

The answer is yes.

Since March of 2018, a measure legalizing CBD oil in Indiana has been signed by Gov. Eric Holcomb. This law allows anyone to possess, buy, and sell CBD oil as long as it has no more than 0.3% THC.

THC, in case you are wondering, is the major psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. It’s the agent that primarily creates the “high” feeling linked with the recreational use of cannabis.

It works by mimicking the neurotransmitters naturally produced by the body to control your eating and sleeping habits as well as your perception of pain.

The law legalizing CBD oil in Indiana is strict about the THC content of the CBD oils in the area. In fact, it even requires manufacturers to test each batch of their products to make sure that it has less than 0.3% THC.


If you are buying CBD in Indiana, you are buying hemp-derived CBD and your only real choices are organic or industrial. In both cases, there may little to go on beyond those two words, so you will have to decide how important that distinction is to you.

Because it has been illegal for American farmers to grow hemp in most parts of the country until recently, the vast majority of hemp and hemp-derived products like CBD are grown outside of the U.S.

Industrial hemp, as it is known, has very little federal oversight particularly if you are taken it internally as a medicine. Pesticides, herbicides, bad soil contamination–you name it and it’s a possibility with industrial hemp of unknown origin.

For now, your safest bet is to choose organic hemp products. Because so few international sources are going to be organic, you can be pretty sure an organic CBD product is coming from the U.S.

What about medical cannabis?

The bottom line is that Indiana still has not made medical cannabis legal, because of this, certain CBD products may not be available for sale. However, CBD derived from hemp products can still be used to treat various medical conditions.

There is information available for those who wish to learn more about hemp-derived CBD.