Wondering…Does CBD Show Up On Drug Test?

So you’re there applying for a new job or catch wind that your company is mandating drug tests and you start sweating. You start panicking as you’ve been taking CBD recently for your anxiety issues and now are worried about losing your job, or not even considered for this new job you’ve been dreaming about. Tossing and turning at night yo wonder to yourself “Does CBD Show Up on Drug Test?” and don’t get much sleep. We’ve put together this information age that we are actively updating so read below, visit frequently and share this information with the world.

CBD and Drug Tests

For the most part, CBD should not show up on a drug test. But it also depends. Routine drug tests don’t usually screen for cbd…a person ordering the test may request to test for it..depends on state laws…For the most part CBD will not show up on a drug test. However, there are instances where it could.

Why might it appear on a drug test?

  • Full Spectrum CBD products do contain up to .3% THC and if enough THC is present it could show up on a drug test
  • Cross contamination during manufacturing process
  • Secondhand exposure to thc
  • Mislabeling due to little to low or consistent regulation
  • Cbd may convert in body

How can you prevent it and what to look out for?

  • Read product info
  • Choose products that list the amount of cbd
  • Find out the origin of the hemp-derived cbd product
  • Make sure the product is produced in CGMP certified factories

Broad-spectrum CBD

Broad-Spectrum CBD products also contain additional compounds that are found in the plant just like the full spectrum however all the THC is removed.

Most often this type of CBD is sold as an oil.

CBD Isolate 

CBD isolate is pure CBD. It doesn’t contain additional compounds from the plant it was extracted from.

CBD isolate typically comes from hemp plants. Hemp-based CBD isolates shouldn’t contain THC.

This type of CBD is also available as an oil or tincture.

The takeaway: …. The biggest thing you need to address if you are worried about CBD, drug testing and potential issues are that you need to heavily examine the product you are buying. With the rise of CBD and it’s loosely regulated market, we see so many fraudulent claims as well as potential issues from mislabeling, THC polluted CBD products and more.

This is why investigating the brand, how its manufactured, certifications on the product and more can provide you with information on how safe is your CBD based products.

At Herbane, we bring the hammer down on vendors to provide data to the public and refuse to sell products that have no 3rd party certification testing and strict standards in the production of its products. We even have our own testing labs where we can run tests on the test results! Yes we are that serious.

Note: Like many things in life, don’t assume and be a dumbass. If you have a government job or one where there are strict rules about drugs and testing then it would be safer to default on being overcautious until the law becomes definitive throughout the United States.