CBD Bath Bomb Benefits

CBD Bath Bomb Benefits

4 Reasons to Try CBD Bath Bombs

Do you love bath bombs? The feeling of coming home and slipping into something more comfortable? And by that, we mean a hot bath. It’s the perfect way to say goodbye to a hard day’s work – along with the foot pain, body aches, mental stress, and anything else may come with that. Read more to see the benefits.

#1 They’re great for relieving stress and physical discomfort.

Benefits can include:
· Relaxing
· Unwinding
· Stress relief
· Relief of sore and aching muscles

Whether you’re simply after a relaxing evening alone or looking for some deeply restorative benefits, there’s a bath bomb perfect for every bathing experience.

#2 CBD amps up the benefits.

So we agree that it doesn’t get much better than bath bombs, right? Well, we’ll do you one better. CBD-infused bath bombs offer all the perks of a bath bomb and then some.
Some benefits associated with CBD include:
· Reduced anxiety
· Reduced depression
· Promotion of sleep and relaxation
· Help with PTSD symptoms

#3 Quality products mean you can rest easy.

We are very selective in the products we choose and promote at Herbane Health. Our goal is to help promote and list products that fall under quality guidelines we have set for our products. All of our products are produced in GMP-certified environments that are registered with the FDA. All of our CBD oil is extracted from US-grown facilities and no harsh chemicals are added during the manufacturing process.

So lay back and let that bath bomb do its work. You have enough on your mind to worry about.

#4 Customized for your bathing experience

Each blend of our bath bombs are more than just a scent. Our SLEEP and RELAX bath bombs are each formulated with a unique combination of CBD infused with essential oils to create different experiences. RELAX is formulated with a combination of essential oils used to promote relaxation and stresses of the world while, SLEEP uses a deeper combination of lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint to promote not only relaxation, but a deeper sleep.

What’s your favorite bath bomb to unwind with? Herbane is always on the lookout to add high-quality products that our customers love.

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Experience the CBD Bath Bomb Benefits Yourself!

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